What is Weblogs.com?

A web application that provides infrastructure Ping Server services. Weblogs.com is a resource for the notification of weblog updates and Internet content publishing. The core function of Weblogs.com is a list of weblogs that have changed. This information is available in both HTML and XML.

Will LexisNexis continue to make Weblogs.com freely available?

The Weblogs.com ping service will continue as an openly available service, greatly benefiting the entire blogosphere, from individual bloggers to value-added feed applications such as blog search engines for non-commercial use. For commercial use, please see the Terms & Conditions below.

How can I configure my blogging software to call Weblogs.com?

Most major blogging tools are already configured to ping Weblogs.com. However, you may also view instructions on doing this manually here.

Weblogs.com must be told when your weblog changed. It doesn't automatically check to see if a weblog has changed. Even though Weblogs.com must be told about changes, if you use a blogging tool or content management system, it can be programmed to tell Weblogs.com about the change. Many tools and utilities, such as blog search engines, have been programmed to communicate directly with Weblogs.com to get these changes. They then will visit your blog to harvest the information.